Fashion Shoot for Jigsaw UK: An Interview with Francesca Gregorini

LA-based film director Francesca Gregorini was behind the lens for our new-season shoot bringing a whole new perspective to the collection… This season in a totally new departure, we worked with a film director for the latest shoot in a move away from traditional fashion photography. We caught up with Francesca..

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New York Times: Love Is Hunger: Watch Your Appetite – Francesca Gregorini and ‘The Truth About Emanuel’

The creepy thriller “The Truth About Emanuel” deals with “loss and heartbreak and madness and mortality,” the writer and director Francesca Gregorini said recently. “Every artist is haunted by specific themes, and those, for better or for worse, seem to be mine.” Enlarge This Image Ms. Gregorini, 45, was born..

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Aesthetica Short Film Festival: Outstanding Filmmaking Talent Recognised at ASFF Awards Ceremony 2014

The last night of the BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) saw filmmakers and filmgoers alike gathered in the beautiful ballroom of the De Grey Rooms on Sunday evening to celebrate the past four days of international short film screenings and industry events. Originally an officer’s mess for the..

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Aesthetica Short Film Festival: Jigsaw Photography Manager, Sara Wilson, on The Directors Project

Short film, The Directors Project, was produced by filmmaker Ben Marshall for Jigsaw. The imaginative film not only promotes the brand’s beautiful Autumn/Winter collection, but also explores the process of producing a fashion shoot. Marshall documented acclaimed feature film director, Francesca Gregorini, and cinematographer Polly Morgan as they worked. The final..

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The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Truth About Emanuel’ Director on Big Plot Twists and Jessica Biel’s Brave Spirit

Francesca Gregorini believes an audiences’ emotion suspension of disbelief with her new female-centric drama. Everything’s a little off in the opening scenes of The Truth About Emanuel. Teenage Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario) is in a state of grief, but capable of surviving her daily life. Her new next-door neighbor, Linda (Jessica..

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LA Times: ‘Tanner Hall’ is a product of their differences

Filmmakers Tatiana von Fürstenberg and Francesca Gregorini are the children of famous parents and attended boarding school in England. But their film draws from their different experiences growing up. There are many things that Tatiana von Fürstenberg and Francesca Gregorini have in common — but perhaps most particularly is the..

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LA Confidential: Power Pair on ‘The Truth About Emanuel’

There is something incredibly sisterlike about The Truth About Emanuel director Francesca Gregorini and actress Kaya Scodelario. Sure, superficially they could easily be mistaken for siblings, with their long, curly, dark hair and eyes that appear to house equally complex and compelling recollections, but that feeling of connectivity goes beyond..

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The Advocate: Inside Francesca Gregorini’s Magical Thinking

It almost didn’t happen. Mara and Gregorini remained very close friends after filming Tanner Hall, and Emanuel was written for Mara, who is credited as a coproducer. But financing took three years to assemble, and Mara, at 27 when production began, wasn’t really believable as a teenager anymore. “That was..

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Examiner: Interview with Francesca Gregorini and Tatiana von Furstenberg (Tanner Hall)

Francesca Gregorini acknowledges that making a movie is a “huge responsibility” and an “enormous, gargantuan undertaking. “We did not know if we could pull it off,” says Gregorini, who wrote and directed“Tanner Hall” with her best friend Tatiana von Furstenberg. “It was a tall bar that we set for ourselves..

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Hunger TV: Interview with Francesca Gregorini

Director Francesca Gregorini wowed crowds at Sundance Film Festival with her solo directorial debut, Emanuel and The Truth About The Fishes, a psychological coming of age drama starring Kaya Scodelario and Jessica Biel. Here the director talks inspiration, loss and the difficulties of being a woman in Hollywood. WHAT INSPIRED..

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